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Naught Again, a high fidelity Double vinyl LP, is available now, celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the Chance in a Million sessions that produced this album.



"On Sat, Oct 15th, the psychedelic jam veterans in Zero descended on their home turf in San Francisco and the hallowed room The Fillmore to celebrate the 30th anniversary of a monumental 1992 3-night engagement at the nearby Great American Music Hall." ~ Live For Live Music


Zero was founded by Steve Kimock and Greg Anton in the early 1980’s in Marin County, California. Over the years they’ve been joined by a host of musicians from the psychedelic caravan who share a common spirit. Their music is a unique mixture of free-flowing jazz, blues, and rock improvisation....the lyrics to their original vocal songs are written by Robert Hunter.


A Zero show is a musical journey that spans the spectrum from delicate ballads to blow-the-roof-off rock & roll. After nine albums and over 1300 shows, the band has become a San Francisco musical institution.


Zero has recently regrouped, reenergized and is hitting the road with Steve Kimock; guitar, Greg Anton; drums, Pete Sears; bass, Hadi Al-Saadoon; trumpet, Spencer Burrows; keys & vocals with some special guests in the wings.


“Zero can put the whammy on the crowd. I've seen a lot of crowds in my life, but they can do something that I've never seen.”  

~ Robert Hunter interview, The Washington Post


“Zero is like a massive group of talented musicians who melt together, then apart, then back together any number of times during each song...building a song into a living organism that writhes its way around the stage, electric rockin jazz/blues and something extra.”

~ Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab Review


“Zero is an original.... a wonderfully expansive tapestry of aural delights.... just plain flat-out incredible stuff.”

~ Digital Music Review


“Steve Kimock is a very good guitar player who I like a lot. He's melodic, has a sense of power, and is extremely tasty. He has a good balance of technique and soulfulness.”

~ Jerry Garcia, Guitar Player


“A Zero show is like performance art....they take the stage, kind of, a guitar plays a few notes, a piano tinkles, the bass asserts some authority, drums create a rhythm, Fierro comes in screaming from outer space and then, (a complete surprise to everyone) they’re somehow romping through a song that’s evidently been prearranged”

~ Phil Ellwood, San Francisco Examiner


“The band revolves around two remarkable musicians; guitarist Steve Kimock and drummer Greg Anton, composers of the band's music and the sparkplugs driving the band's improvisational rock.”

~ Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

Photo Credit: Robbi Cohn